About us

We are leading next-generation Warehousing and logistics company

Based in Dwarka, Delhi. We are C&F providing warehousing and logistics solutions to companies. We provide ideal infrastructure to the companies according to their needs and requirements.

Providing storage and logistics services since 1990, we decided to organise the efforts and logistics chain and thus K C Traders was found in the year 2014, Backed by 30 years of rich experience.

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Logistics & Warehousing Services

What we can do for you



Warehousing is the core of any supply chain and what better than having your esteemed brand's depot managed by us....

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Logistics services

In today’s world of competition, growth of the company depends on the supply chain of the company.So the delivery of the goods....

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We provide warehousing and logisitcs services as well as services of Pick, Pack & Ship in B2B category for supplies towards Ecommerce....

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How it works

The process of our work

  • Recieving Materials and Unloading

    We recieve Inventory Shipments from Companies and unload the same at our Warehouse.

  • Warehousing/ Storage

    Optimize and Store Goods with expert handling & streamline operations with end-to-end solutions.

  • Recieving Orders

    Recieving Orders on Company behalf.

  • Segregation of Materials according to orders

    Segregation of Materials according to the orders we recieve.

  • Material Transportation

    Selecting the vehicles for transportation and delivering.

  • Reporting to the Company

    Preparation of reports hichever required by companies to increase sales and resulting in higher profits.



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